Simple ways to stop that cold and flu

Simple ways to stop that cold and flu

As you are well aware, we are fast entering the rainy season coupled with the covid-19 pandemic which wreaks a lot of havoc on our health. The most irritating is the colds and flu. If you’re currently battling with either of them, medical experts proffer these tips:

Unblock your nose: 

Using a nasal decongestant will open your breathing passage. However, don’t use one for more than three days in a row, or you may suffer a ‘rebound effect’ and end up more congested than you were, to begin with.

Some doctors suggest you use a Saline Spray instead of a nasal decongestant. It works more slowly but has no rebound effect.

Simple ways to stop that cold and flu

Stop the spread: 

Washing your hands properly is the best way to stop the spread of germs. Consider carrying an antiviral hand foam with you if you don’t have access to soap and water.

Catch it and bin it: Always sneeze cough into the tissue. This keeps droplets carrying the virus from spreading in the air and infecting people around you. Dispose of used tissues straight away.

Boost your immune system: 

Drink plenty of fluids, eat healthily, get plenty of rest, and consider taking Vitamin C and Zinc supplements. Even if they can’t prevent a cold, there is evidence to suggest that they may help shorten the duration of one.

Try natural remedy: 

Remedies that contain pelargonium extracts are specifically licensed for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infection.

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