See what to do when soldiers becomes brutal to you and they will kneel and beg you later

Some times our soldiers or military men can be brutal and rough. But this shouldn't scare of from our fundamental human rights as citizens of Nigeria.

This is what my lecturer told us as aspirants of law in Rivers State Polytechnic formerly called RIVSCAS very close to Rumuola Port Harcourt.

She shared with us her personal experience in 2014 she was our teacher on legal method. She advised us not to argue the law with military men especially soldiers because many are uneducated.

She was traveling in the 2014 along Enugu high way some group of soldiers stopped her and her children and asked her why was she driving so fast. She told them she on an empty highway, secondly there was no body, thirdly there was no speed limiting sign board. They ordered her to come down and start clearing the bushes.

She did but guess what

She turned on a spy camera on her phone which allows your phone to record while screen is blind. You can download it anywhere for your safety. She started by bringing up the argument again just to make sure it gets recorded after everything she put the phone in the car windscreen because it was actually facing them and everything got recorded.

Secondly she took note of their names and plate numbers. She didn't argue the law with them because they are in a lonely area. After much details. She filed a suit against them and charged them half a million and she won.

What am I saying. When a soldier wants to abuse you try your possible best not to argue with them. All your aim should be to pick up evidences to head to the court of law. Buy cameras for your cars and other important things like spy sound recorders.

Dont ever let them know you're recording. If you have a good evidence and a good lawyer that soldier that abused you will beg

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