My wife gives me timetable for s3x

My wife gives me timetable for s3x

I don't normally do this, bringing my family issue here but this issue is pissing me off.

Here is the story. I got married last year, and I thought I have known her enough that was why I married her.

But to my surprise I started discovering that she is too stiff. She is too hard. When she says she is not doing something, that is it, she won't do it.

Sometimes if am broke, and I ask for Small amount of money, most time I want to use that money to get means for bigger money, she won't give.

She gives me time for se3x. Presently am down with fever and the only thing she has ever asked me is how is your body. No what will you take or something.

Am starting to think of quitting the marriage. The only issue is that she is pregnant and this is my first child.

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