Covid-19 Revelations: What you must know about Covid-19 and Coronavirus

Covid-19 Revelations: What you must know about Covid-19 and Coronavirus

To begin with, COVID-19 means “Certificate Of Vaccination Identity” with 19, 1 = a and 9 = i for AI = Artificial Intelligence.

Covid-19 is never the name of the virus but that of the International Plan for the Control and Reduction of Populations, which has been developed for decades and launched in January 2020 during the last DAVOS.

Again, coronavirus is never a virus as they made us believe, rather, it is a bacterium. It is also important to know that the so-called virus is expected to become inactive after 70 days, and thank goodness, we have passed this 70 days milestone.

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What reactivates the virus is weakened immune terrain from vaccination, I mean the one they plan to inject us is a real descent into hell aiming at a massive depopulation at more than 80%.

This is in addition to the 5G that they are installing in all cities of the nations of the world for the purpose of weakening our immune system.

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Please, do not get tested, the tests are not reliable, they are a means of tracking you.

The test manufacturers say it, none of the tests can detect the Sras-Cov-2 virus but only an infinity of harmless little viruses or cell wastes that are naturally part of our microbiota.

People who are tested will appear more and more positive on tests, and this will be to the tune of around 90%. This is their mandate and objective.

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  1. Precisely this theory I had posted on one of my friend's facebook post, much earlier way back in March or I had read some time last year or so about a secret meeting of top world leaders for one suspicion act. The second reason was the leaders saying in all public platforms of surplus population and population control. The third of 5G inventions which earlier on that's last year, I had vehemently opposed. My posts confirms this on 5G.