A MUST READ: The Big Lesson I Learned This Morning in Front of My House

The Big Lesson I Learned This Morning in Front of My House

I want to share with you the big lesson of life i learned this morning, the 18th day of May 2020, at about 8:15am.

I was sitting and relaxing in front of my house this morning when I saw this amazing event; a dead wasp as you can see in the photo below was spotted by an ant, I watched this tiny ant moved round about the dead wasp for a while and went away.

The Big Lesson I Learned This Morning in Front of My House

Shortly after that, I began seeing about 5-10 of these tiny ants moving towards the dead wasp, before five minutes, the tiny ants have increased to over 50 in number.

They all gathered the dead wasp as if they were killing it the second time, behold, by the time I looked closely, they were already dismembering the wasp.

Mind you, the dead wasp is more that 100 times the size of one of these ants.

These tiny ants successfully dismembered the wasp, meanwhile, as they were doing this, more than 30 more ants have arrived.

They successfully dismembered the wasp and began carrying it bit by bit into their hole. I was full of amazement; I learned from these ants that if we can cooperate as family, as friends or with one another, we can accomplish giant fits.

Friends, there is tremendous power in cooperation; what you could not have successfully accomplished as an individual, you can accomplish as a group and with ease.

Let us stop being selfish, let us join hands with one another and we will successfully and swiftly accomplish great task.

Remember these things:

1. These tiny ants had no one supervising them, they just agreed, and trust one another to work together for a common goal.

2. The wasp they want to carry is over 100 times bigger than each of them in size and in weight.

3. They refused to be intimidated by the giant size of the task ahead of then

4. They fashioned out a way to carry it by dismembering it into smaller bits

It didn’t quite occur to me that I should film this event, I only remembered to when the very last group were moving the last part of the dismembered wasp.

Watch the video below:

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