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My Encounter with SARS Operatives in Isoko Delta State

On the 18th day of March 2020, I left Oleh for Ozoro for a little business transaction, right there before I could finish what I went for, I developed high body temperature so I have to return back to Ozoro.

On my way from Ozoro to Oleh, I met some SARS operatives on the way. They stopped us and requested that I give them my phone for a search.

They searched my phone and dint find out anything incriminating in my phone, they then requested that I give them the receipt of my phone, thank God the receipt was in my wallet with me right there, so I give it to them.

The leader of the team looked at the receipt and said it is a fake and as a result I should enter their vehicle to be taking to a nearby police station.

Already inside their vehicle were two boys and the officers told us they are from Force Headquarters, Abuja and as such, they are taking us to the station nearby.

They drove us towards Ughelli and stopped at around Iyede and ask me which Bank am operating and I said I don't have bank account.

Then the leader said I should open my phone again and he ask one of his boys to search my phone again, the officer saw UBA app in the phone they told me to insert my password I told them is just an app I install am not using it.

Then they said I should get out of the vehicle and I asked them what about my phone and they said I should call my number they would tell me where to collect my phone then I ask them to take me to a police station then I will call someone to bring the carton of my phone so they can verify but they refused and threaten to push me out, because I was already sick, I decided to get down on my own without my phone.

I started trekking from where they dropped me until I saw a bike that helped me to Otor-Owhe. On getting to Otor-Owhe, I went to the police station to report but I was told to go to Oleh division or the Area command in Ozoro.

At that point I decided to call my number but they refuse to pick up the calls so the next day I continue calling line but it was switch off.

The following day which was Friday, I went and reported the case at the Area command Ozoro and they promised to find out the SARS team that did that to me.

To Be Continued

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