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See the first thing Sanusi II made sure he took from Kano palace when he was removed as Emir

See the first thing Sanusi II made sure he took from Kano palace when he was removed as Emir

When Muhammadu Sanusi II was removed as the Emir of Kano by Kano Government on March 9, 2020, he made sure he left the palace with one of his horse saddle.

According to his Principal Private Secretary, his highness Muhammadu Sanusi II ordered his over 100 year old horse saddle to be taken away from the king’s palace.

Despite leaving over hundreds of horses for the new Emir, Aminu Ado Bayero, the former King made sure his historic horse saddle is not among the things he left.

The former Emir’s Secretary, Alhaji Mujitaba Abubakar Abba, revealed during an interview with BBC that Sanusi II inherited the horse saddle from his grandfathers.

The former Emir was given the saddle by his father Aminu Sanusi who was once the Ciroma of Kano, he (Ciroma) also got the saddle from his father Muhammadu Sanusi I.

Sanusi’s grandfather, Muhammadu Sanusi I was removed as Emir in 1963 by the then Northern Government. He reigned for 10 years before he was dethroned and exiled.

Sanusi I who was installed as Emir in 1953 inherited the saddle from his father, Abdullahi Bayero. Sanusi I was the first son of Bayero who ruled Kano for almost 30 years.

Abdullahi Bayero took over from Muhammadu Abbas who had ruled since mid 1920s. Abbas, Sanusi II's great grandfather was the first Emir to be appointed by the British.

It is recorded that Muhammad Abbas was the first King to have used this horse saddle. We can estimate that the saddle had been in the royal house for about 110 years.

In the interview the former Falaki of Kano revealed that the Emir’s books worth over N200m have been evacuated, alongside his expensive cars and royal suits and turbans.

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