The Real Reason Behind The Coronavirus Disease - It is all about the battle for Hong Kong and world dominance.

By Prince Ify Chijioke
The Real Reason Behind The Coronavirus Disease - By Prince Ify Chijioke


China, knowing that a full scale war with the United States may spell doom for them, and trade alone may not really see them become a global power soon, decided to hit the world with something more devastating than a nuclear weapon, and catastrophic than an atomic missile.

Quintessential readers, please this post isn't for lazy readers (it will be long), and those who can't comprehend and understand how things work. You don't need to have a proper understanding of world politics, just follow me lines upon lines and precepts upon precepts. I did promise to do this post, and I'm keeping my promise...

Buckle Your Seatbelts Let's Go!

This will be an in dept post, that will take you back, bring you to now, and project you into the future. It is an historical work. My name is Prince ify Chijioke, that's how I roll.

Many empires rose and fell, so was kingdoms too. Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Ottoman, Spanish, British, etc. Is it time for the United States to fall? Moreover she was the last continent to be found, and was called "The New World". China has been battling to overthrow the United States for years, they want to reign supreme. They want their language to go far, their currency to become world's legal tender, etc. Is Covid-19, the spark that will light the fire?....take a ride with me.

Did any of you follow the protest in Hong Kong recently? Why was there a protest? The people of Hong Kong began a massive protest because the authorities of Beijing (capital of China) wanted defaulters in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China, for punishment and possibly a jail time. The people of Hong Kong, knowing the type of government that holds away in mainland China, refused and said no; insisting that because they had a little bit of autonomy, criminals should be punished in Hong Kong, and not in mainland China.... Let's go, please stay with me.

Have I told you why they are insisting? Hong Kong is "a country inside a country", meaning that they have some independence, laws, financial practices, etc. different from mainland China. I keep using the sentence "mainland China", because Hong Kong is an island. For instance, while mainland China uses Yuan (as major currency), Hong Kong uses the dollar.

While the official language in mainland China is Mandarin, that of Hong Kong is English/Chinese. While China has a permanent leader, Hong Kong has what is called a Chief Executive, renewable after five years. Unlike mainland China, Hong was a Democratic region, before 1997 (and the people want it to remain so) when it was still under British adminstration. How come Hong Kong was a Democratic region, under British adminstration, and mainland China wasn't.

We must continue, stay with me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm taking you all back to 1841, when China ceded Hong Kong to British rule. I won't bother you now with what led to what, but after the British defeated China in the "Opium War", Britain took over Hong Kong, and was to rule and oversee it for an hundred and fifty six years, that period ended in 1997.

Ever since that time ended, Hong Kong people have been canvassing for an independent nation, and that China should respect their laws, freedom and democracy. Mainland China being a communist country, don't wanna agree, and has warned Britain and United States not to return democracy to Hong Kong and should stop sponsoring protests in the region. Mind you, the transition will be complete around 204s, but China is afraid of happenings before then.

Did the fears of Beijing come to reality? Of course it did. Stay with me please. We must continue.

After the fall of Britain, and the United States subsequent rise to power after first and second world war, they took off from where Britain stopped, seeing the well being of Hong Kong was one of 'em.

How many of you have come across HKHRDA (Hong kong human right and democracy act)? Well, on 27th of November 2019, the United States president signed that bill into a law, and it brought China tears. The clause to this bill is that it will be renewed every year, adding other things that might have come of need. This bill made it possible for the United States to keep watch over mainland China, in case they abuse the people of Hong Kong.

And on the 2nd of December 2019, people of Hong Kong went out in what was called a "Thanks given" displaying the flags of the United States here and there, thanking Donald Trump for what he has done for them. What the above means is that Hong Kong is now an "unofficial" region protected by the United States. Since then, Beijing have been thinking of what to do.

Let's come back to Africa, China has taken almost half of Africa, for instance, they control almost Namibia, beat people in Sierra Leon, build Houses on roads in Ghana, refuse Nigerians from entering theirs restaurants in Nigeria, etc. In fact as a Nigerian, you are owing China #15000, check Google please. They have a foot in South America; Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil are in their palms . Beijing is a friend to Assad of Syria, pals with Iran, and shares ideology with Russia's Putin. But like Oliver Twist, everyone wants more.

China felt that the only way to penetrate Europe and weaken them, is to come up with a deadly bio-weapon, and it is working just fine. They want to bring a problem, and also offer the solution or the cure. With this, they will tear the West (Western Europe and America) into two, weakening both and standing in the gap. They are already succeeding because most Europeans, especially Italy are now relying on them for the cure. With this, they will start building more allies, wakening the powers of the United States.

If it wasn't Chinese making, how come they were this prepared? Building hundreds of thousands of hospitals in days. They knew their people will die, but they needed to sacrifice few for the betterment of the country, to preserve Hong Kong, weaken the United States and promote the Yuan. As of last week, China is fast recovering, while Europe and America are dying and in confusion.

Did you know that it was China that accused the United States of given them the Virus to divert attention. Trump had to fire back by calling it a Chinese virus.

China wants to have an influence too in Europe, an important one at that. With this, Europeans will start seeing the Chinese as Whites like them, because they cured them of an epidemic. As I'm writing this, The Chinese government and Jack Ma, a Chinese billionaire and co-founder of the Alibaba Group, have already sent doctors and medical supplies to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Iran, Iraq, the Philippines, and the United States. This was what the United States ought to be doing, as a global power. But China is doing it, and doing it big time.

With this, China will make new friends and have allies spread across Europe, in case Hong Kong issue comes up. Being a permanent member of the United Nations security isn't enough. With the HKHRDA, Hong Kong may be declared an independent state before the final transition into mainland China, and Beijing don't want it. They also know that a full fledge war with the United States isn't the right answer.

Just like the United States, rose up and declared Jerusalem the official capital of Israel, and also ceded the Golan Height (a region belonging to Syria ) to them, China also wants to by fiat take over Hong Kong, and to an extension Taiwan. The question we don't have answers to yet is, will THE UNITED STATES FOLD THEIR ARMS AND WATCH.

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