How to Stop Coronavirus With These Herbal Mixture

I am writing this to my fellow Nigerians, every other who has the opportunity to read this is very free to use this solution.

This herbal mixture will shield you and your family from coronavirus and other deadly diseases and infections.

You might have heard that the United States of America (USA) has approved the use of chloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. It is now clear that chloroquine has potentials to handle the deadly coronavirus.

It is obvious that chloroquine will soon become scarce and expensive beyond the rich of the average Nigerians.

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But I have very good news for you.

Get the followings:

Formula 1

Good quantity of the following leaves:

1. Neem leaves (Dogoyaro)
2. Pawpaw leaves
3. Scent leaves
4. Lemon grass
5. Mango leaves, and its back
6. 5-10 Lime oranges

Cut all the above into a sizable pot, add enough quantity of water and boil very well.

Dosage: 1 Tumbler morning and evening

Formula 2

On the other hand, you can squeeze dogoyaro leaves alongside lime orange and garlic into a bottle of hot drink (ogogoro), take a shot morning and evening.

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