How to Fix Windows Cannot Be Installed on Drive (0)

How to Fix Windows Cannot Be Installed on Drive (0)

To install your OS you would like a drive or partition available to repeat all of the files. This drive or partition must have partitioning system, this technique are often saved in two different ways; MBR which stands for Master Boot Record, or GPT for GUID Partitioning Table.

Your partitioning system gets installed counting on your booting options and your OS , if your computer is booting in Legacy BIOS then the MBR system will get installed, however if you boot in UEFI mode, the GPT system are going to be installed.

There’s how to differentiate both at the instant of putting in , the primary one will create a 100MB partition for this table, and therefore the latter (UEFI) will create a 500MB partition, this partition are going to be automatically hidden by the system.

Unfortunately both partitioning system aren't compatibles, and at the instant of putting in , if not found out properly you'll get a mistake saying that Windows can't be installed to your Disk. Please see the way to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Erase your drive to avoid compatibility with previous partitioning systems

•    Boot your computer with the OS installer.
•    Start the installation process until you get to the system partitioning part.
•    Select the first partition on which you would like to put in Windows and click on on Drive Options then click on Delete.
•    Once your Disk has just one entry for unallocated space, click on New.
•    Windows will alarm you a few new partition being created, select yes to verify . Windows will create a partition for the required size, and can take 100MB or 500MB counting on the partitioning system applied.
•    Select the partition where you would like to put in the system and press next.

Method 2: Select the right option for booting, Legacy BIOS or UEFI

Turn on  your computer and immediately press F2, F12, DEL or F10 to access your BIOS Setup (They key to access your BIOS might change counting on your PC manufacturer).

Once within the BIOS/UEFI look for Booting Options (refer to your PC manual for exact location).
search for an option called UEFI/BIOS Boot Mode and choose either Legacy or UEFI. If your disk drive had a GPT before, and you're booting in Legacy BIOS, you'll are compatible issue, or the other way around . If you see
Once you changed the Boot mode, restart your computer, and boot from your installation media.

Method 3: Change the partitioning table from GPT to MBR (Please backup your data if any)

Boot from installation media.

Click install but don’t continue with the method , instead, press Shift + F10 to open the prompt .
Type diskpart then type list disk.
Look for the disk you would like to convert and sort select disk 0 (Change 0 by the amount of the disk you would like to convert).
Type down convert mbr then type in quit.
Continue with the installation process.

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