Heart Touching Story from Boko Haram War Front by a Soldier PART 2

Heart Touching Story from Boko Haram War Front by a Soldier

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Mass graves for soldiers

Mass grave is usually done in a situation whereby you cannot identify individual soldiers. In a situation like the attack at Kotoganle where we lost the highest number of soldiers, and no news about that, from the way they struck, you see parts of the bodies littered everywhere. How do you identify who is who? At the end of such a day, we bury them together.

Treatment for wounded soldiers

Initially, when you are wounded there, first aid treatment would be given to stop the blood. But where we usually have challenges is when you are left at the base. Somebody that has severe gunshot wound or if your bowel was ripped open by bullets, they just bandage until proper treatment is done. Sometimes, they send them to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, while if you are lucky, they send you to 44 Reference Hospital, Kaduna. It is only the lucky few, that are being sent to India and Pakistan, and this is where the issue of godfatherism comes in.

If the wounded soldiers have a General somewhere, the General could call to inform that his boy was wounded and they fly him abroad.
Boko Haram Terrorists

Condition of camps in the war fronts

You don’t expect to be comfortable in the camp. In terms of feeding, the men cook ,females are not allowed in the frontline. Before now, hitherto, females used to be there, but later on when there was attack, the females found it difficult. Later, we were separated. Another issue is that the food and water are never enough.

Kitting for war

The kits for war is poor. Fragment jackets or bullet proof does not go round. Ballistic elements to prevent objects falling on your head are never enough. Go now, take a study tour troop in locations, you cannot see those things complete, but if the General Officer Commanding, GOC, is coming, they will go and borrow. Some will carry from store and give to troops to wear. It will now appear as if soldiers are well kitted, it is a lie.

Honour for dead soldiers

They will just give you a shallow burial and that’s all. Your family keeps suffering. After the burial, they may just give your wife about N20 or N30, and she will be waiting for death benefit which will take several years. Those are the horrors, ordeals and hardships we go through.

Last batch standing

Yes! The story was that they came for an operation called ‘Last Hold’ and the essence was to root out Boko Haram members still hibernating within the fringes of the Sambisa forest and the lake Chad basin. But, to a greater extent, that purpose was not achieved because, since those guys came, Boko haram has been attacking them in all their locations. That is why we have recent cases of incessant attacks like the ones at Agiri, Azare, Guzamala, Damasask etc.

What should be rightly done

The military and political leadership should have, 1: The will power to be guided with the fear of God, to be sincere in their dealing, because if the government decides, for real, to stop Boko Haram, they would go. That is why Abacha said, “if there is any upheaval that lasts more than 24 hours, be rest assured that the government has a hand in it. And this is what is playing out.

Why former President Jonathan failed over Boko Haram

Jonathan failed in the sense that, he would release money to buy equipment when they demanded, but, he did not follow up by monitoring them and they would produce fake vouchers. But, in the case of BUhari, I think because being an ex-millitary man, when you say you have bought those equipment, he would ask you to test them. He would ask what is the effective killing range, what is the maximum range, what is the minimum range and so forth.

So to some extent, during procurement, there has been sincerity. But now, it is utility and deployment that matters. There is complicity, a gap, and a compromise. Summarily, Boko Haram is a grand conspiracy and high wired politics and some people use it as a cash cow all in the name of security.

Shortcomings in deployment of forces

Heart Touching Story from Boko Haram War Front by a Soldier

To some extent, I will not say yes or no. This is because there are times some people benefit more in deployment but I don’t want to comment on this. Again, we saw action and relative peace during the time of some GOC’s. Attacks were not many and not many people were dying. When they changed, we started experiencing sporadic attacks. At the end, soldiers keep dying.

Special remuneration for soldiers in the war front

The extra money is the allowance, and it is forty five thousand that is divided. Twenty thousand comes to your account, ten thousand is paid to you in cash, then fifteen thousand is given to those in the kitchen to cook for you. Aside this, you will continue to receive your basic salary.

Salary is different from the remuneration for war. But, the allowance is not steady.

How suicide bombers are handled

It depends on the type of bomber. It is either VBIED, Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device or PBIED, Person Born Improvised Explosive Device. So, if it is VBIED, the vehicle will be coming towards you with full speed, it is either you keep on shooting so that the bomb will detonate before it gets to your location, other wise if it gets as close as 50 meter to your location, you will suffer some casualties, fragments from the explosion will definitely get to you.

If it is PBIED, You will tell the person halt, and you will see them in hijab, but , they will refuse to stop, when you shoot such a person in your duty location, you will experience an explosion which will make you know it is a suicide bomber. Sometimes, the civilian JTF will ask us to leave them so they could catch them, and when they succeed, we would go ahead and unstrap them. But, if the civilian is not lucky enough, the bomber could go off, he and the bomber will die.

The civilian JTF, Juju

They have been very useful and prolific in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency, although some of them are trusting their charms so much. Sometimes, they give us direction on where to go and where not go, and in most cases, the areas they ask us to avoid, there is usually attack there. Sometimes, they may ask us to shoot the grass and if you do so, you will see blood gushing from there. Before you go on patrol and arrive, you will see human being has appeared there. On the issue of juju working in war fronts, it could help you at the initial stage, but there are times it fails. It is only the power of Almighty God that lasts forever.

Why insurgents always access Maiduguri; role of mercenaries

If you look at the geography of Maiduguri , they have boundary with Chad, Niger, Cameroon, so it is easy for foreigners to come in. We have captured a lot of them at the battle field and sent them to headquarters. Like all those videos they upload, where do they get the IQ from? We capture some Lebanese, Chinese, Arab Indians with them, helping with technological advancement. You see some of them using generators to power their guns, while ours is manual. There are no white men helping us. Unless, when we capture some sophisticated equipment, we bring them in to teach us how they are operated.

Releasing Boko Haram suspects. It has it’s own negative effect, some of them are unrepentant.

On Shekau

Shekau is a title, when you kill one today, another one takes the place, because leadership is important. The last one, we injured him when he was speaking in a telephone conversation in Kanuri language. He said Nigerian soldiers had attacked him from all angles. They now called us, Gentlemen, you people should remain there. We now had to hold on at the gate of Camp Zero for two days. By the time we went there, Shekarau had left. We only saw their flag and some big Qur’an’s which we took to Mr. President.

Release of Chibok girls and Leah Shaibu

It is a difficult thing. You discover that they are here, we tell the commander to allow us go shell them, but you will hear order is coming from above, if you kill them there could be collateral damage, the girls could be there, we don’t want to harm everybody. If you shoot, tomorrow they court-marshal you for disobedience to order. So, our hands are tied and the show has gone public.
2019 : 21 politicians queue up to run Boko Haram-hit Borno state

End to Boko Haram

Heart Touching Story from Boko Haram War Front by a Soldier

I see an end, but not now. As far as those greedy politicians and Generals are still there, milking these cash cows, they would continue to do that to eternity, because it is an insatiable need of man, that when you have wealth, you will want to continue to amass more.

Link between Boko Haram, killings by herdsmen

I can’t confirm that authoritatively. It appears they are doing their things differently because, if herdsmen are killing people, when you come, they take to their heels. But, Boko Haram don’t flee, they are willing, able and ready to fight.

Handling Boko Haram captives

We take them to Joint Investigation Center (JIC) , there in Vida Barracks. 21 Amoured Brigade, administrative Tactical which is in Bama. They counsel them. That is where we get this concept of de-radicalization. From there, they hand them over to the state government, and at the end of the day, they set them free.

Credit to: Vangurad Ngr

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