The Story of My Ugly Encounter With My Wife Pics

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My wife took my phone and deleted my girlfriend number Sonia's and saved her own name as Sonia.

Not knowing someone had told my wife about Sonia my girlfriend but I didn't know.

I then get an SMS from Sonia asking for mobile money # 500,000

I rushed to my wife and lied to her that I needed #500,000 for an emergency, I told her my mom is very sick and needed the money urgently.

My wife gave me the money and I rushed to send it to the account written on the message.

She didn't acknowledge receipt for the money

When I was relaxing at home after work, I kept wondering if Sonia had received the money.

I sent her an SMS to find out if she received the money, her responded was". call me now.

I get out the house to make the phone call

You can imagine my horror when my wife answered the phone call insisted of Sonia

It's been three days and I am still standing outside

I don't know how to get into my own house!!!

Any advice for me please

It is about to rain, and I am still standing OUTSIDE My own HOUSE

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