Friday, November 8, 2019

7 Well Proven Reasons you must not sell your properties on your own

Do you know that buying or sell a landed property or a house on your own may appear easy and cost effective, but you will soon discover that in the process of the transactions, time, energy and even money are unexpectedly wasted.

This is never what you planned for I know. But you are in this mess because you choose to avoid the property agency or property agent.

In this article, I will be letting you into some of the very common mistakes you can make when you decided to sell your property on your own alone without consulting an agent.

1. Agents don’t place sale notice on owner properties

Agents do not place sale notice on owner properties, all listed property under their care are listed right in their office.

You will like this because in the event that you don’t want anyone to know you are selling your property.

This also helps to filter prospective buyers and leave you with only the serious ones.

2. Having to face your buyer’s agent

You must agree with me that there is the possibility of your intending buyer coming to value and buy your property with an agent; in so many cases, such buyers does not show up, they send their property/estate agents to do the transaction for them.

With this picture now, you cannot stand your ground in negotiating with an expert.

3. You will need legal assistance

In the course of selling either a landed property or a house, there are several aspects that have to be legalized in terms of documentation and other paper works.

On your own, you may overlook some unforeseen situation but not so with an agent, he knows and understands all the intricacies involved. In this regard, the agent is an expert unlike you

4. Finding flaws in your property or its documents

Because you are just an ordinary man, who is not an expert in property management and sales, you may not be able to quickly detect any flaw in your property or its documents; trust me, an estate agent does. It has happened to me on one occasion.

I never saw the defects on the documents of my property not until a lawyer who came with the buyer sighted it. It cost me some amount to fix it.

I have to pause the transaction and put things in other before we resumed negotiations, it took extra two weeks.

5. Your property lacks the proper inspection

When you don’t get the services of an agent, your property will certainly lack the needed inspection before being pushed into the market; it will be an embarrassment to for your buyer or his agent to discover certain errors such as property located in a poor environment, poor access road, poor electricity, crime prone areas and many more.

7. You can’t fix the sale price

Because you don’t have any idea what the current market rate is at the moment, you are prone to commit errors in terms of fixing a price for your property.

It is important to note a professional property agent will inform you if the amount you have fixed or fixing is realizable going by the current market price of properties in town.

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