Friday, November 8, 2019

7 Proven steps for choosing the best estate agent

Property selling is not like other everyday business, getting to sell or buy a property is very crucial life decision, and may be a daunting task some times, so, it is very vital you get the very best property agent or agency to handle the transactions.

The overall need for hiring the best estate agent cannot be over emphasized, it is most rewarding at the end afterall.

So, what are the major factors to look out for when hiring an estate agent to handle your property transactions.

1. Your budget
It is important to first look inwards, how much are you willing to let go in hiring a real estate agent that will meet your satisfy your need.

2.  Make a list of some estate agencies/agents
Go to town on your own and also ask for recommendations from your associates, then make a list of selected estate agents. A list of 5 – 7 will do.

3. Pretend to be a potential buyer
Before you finally pick an agent or agency to sell your property, first pretend to be a potential buyer and visit your listed or selected estate agents as one looking for property like yours to buy; listen to them as they make their presentation on the said property.

4. Make sure you carefully read their terms and conditions
Be very sure you read and understand their terms/conditions of service for buying or selling property for a client. Be fast to ask questions where you are not cleared, it is your right.

5. Invite some of these agents to inspect and value your property
After the four (4) steps above, the forth step is to call on few of them inspect and value your property, listen to them carefully to see their presentations on the said property.

Some agents may want to play smart in order to win your heart and your property by placing very high value on the said property. Be smart enough not to fall for such.

6. Find out if he knows his onions
Take a step further to find out if he really knows and understands what he is doing and the general present real estate business. You can do this by asking some very funny but viable questions.

7.  Does he have the right networks
Remember, a good estate agents should have numerous contacts of property buyers and sellers. They should also have a good network of other real estate agents or brokers within their given market for flexibility and accuracy.

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