Friday, November 8, 2019

4 Very simple but vital qualities of a successful real estate agent

When it comes to buying or selling a property, all hands must be on deck to search for the agent with qualities; it does not matter what you want to buy or sell, it may be a house, a car or even a land; as long as you have decided to hire an agent, you must strive to get the best house or car agent around you.

In this article, I will be highlighting four very vital qualities any agent you decided to hire must possess, he or she may not be perfect as a human being, but wisdom demand that your intended agent posses some qualities enough to handle your business.

1. He must have good knowledge of the locality
In the event you are buying or selling a land and you want to hire an estate agent to do the selling for you, it is required that such agent posses adequate knowledge of the locality where the property is located.

Adequate knowledge of the locality affords such agent the platform to very current in the rating of such property according to the prevailing current price within.

In Nigeria for instance, an agent from Abuja cannot be brought to Sapele to sell a property unless such agent is conversant with Sapele locality.

Another reason such an agent must have a working knowledge of the locality is to afford him the opportunity of knowing the authorities that are on ground. We have seen situations where community youths or women comes out in mass to protest the sale of a land in their village claiming that they must be settled as customs demands.

2. He must be honest yet aggressive
It is important to note that one very core characteristic of a successful estate or car agent is honesty and aggressiveness. Aggressive, not in fighting, but in pressing home his points, and compelling his opponents to buy into his ideas and opinions concerning the subject matter.

A good estate or car agent is never afraid to speak out his mind anywhere and anytime no matter who is around him, he is aggressive enough not to be intimidated.

His honesty must be intact because in the end, honesty will save you lots of worry

3. He must be a swift problem solver
He must be an agent who is able to swiftly come up with solutions to any matter arising at any point in time.

You will agree with me that in the course of transactions, arguments that can result to serious problems can occur, especially when it has to do with community or family affairs.

4. He must be a Self-motivated person
You don’t want to hire an agent that will be downcasted in the presence of pressures arising from the course of transactions. He must have the ability to remain self motivated no matter the degree of challenges that comes his way.

If he must be a success in this field, it is required that he posses a high degree of self-motivation, self drive and swift decision making ability.

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