Meet Louis Edet the 1st Nigerian Inspector General of Police

Meet Louis Edet the 1st Nigerian Inspector General of Police

Mr. Louis Orok Edet, appointed April 1, 1964, taking over from the last expatriate Inspector-General Mr. J.E, Hodge; who retired in August, 1966.

Mr. Louis was Born on August 29, 1913 in Duke town Calabar, Cross River State, Edet attended Sacred Heart School, Calabar; Bonny Grammar School in Rivers State and he Joined the Nigerian Police force (NPF) as clerk in 1931.

He was promoted as a sub-inspector – August 1945. In 1948, Edet was transferred to the western provinces a promoted Assist Superintendent of Police (ASP) – 1949. He also Attended training courses at Rython-on-dunesmore in England in 1953, 1057, and 1960.

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He was Promoted Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner in 1960. In December 1960-1961, commanded the 1st Contingent, NPF, to serve under the United Nations in the Congo.

In 1961, he became Commissioner in charge of the police in the federal capital. From there he was promoted to Deputy inspector-General – 1962; appointed inspector-General –March 1964.

On retirement, Mr. Louis Edet was appointed Recruitment Attaché in the Nigerian High Commission in London, 1966-1968; Commissioner for Home Affairs and Information in the then South-Eastern State 1968-72 and  Conferred with CFR, Queen’s Police Medal (QPM), and CBE.

Mr. Louis Orok Edet Died January 17, 1979.

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