Dannielynn Birkhead says acting is 'really cool' in interview alongside dad Larry Birkhead

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Could Dannielynn Birkhead one day follow in her late mom Anna Nicole Smith's acting footsteps?

In an interview with DailyMailTV, the 13-year-old's father Larry Birkhead admitted that people constantly ask if she is going to be an actress or model.

"And I never push her in a certain direction," he stated. "Actually, I get calls all the time and I say 'no, she's not interested in doing that kind of stuff."


He added: "Right now she's just being a kid."

However, he did beam over his daughter's acting abilities after she recently took an acting class at school.

"She surprised me because last year she took an acting class," he revealed. "I got an email from a teacher and she said Dannielynn gave one of the most believable performances of the whole, whole entire school."

Larry was quick to reiterate that if acting is something Dannielynn wants to explore, it's something that will happen later down the road: "So, if she wants to do something like that when she's older ... we'll see when we get there."

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Dannielynn herself said of acting: "It's really cool like to act as a character, not yourself. Portraying a new person is fun."

In the interview, Larry also shared that he doesn't hide anything from his daughter.

"[Dannielynn] knows just really that her mom was famous and she knows about [Anna's late son] Daniel," Larry revealed. "I try to incorporate both of them because sometimes Daniel gets forgotten.

"We try to talk about him and I shared a birthday with him, so we always celebrated together," he added.

Daniel died in 2006 while visiting his mother in the hospital where Anna Nicole had given birth the week before, a Bahamas police official said at the time. He was 20. Five months later, Anna Nicole died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 39.

"You know, I tell her stories about them and I try to not make it heavy because she's just now becoming a teenager and I think some of that stuff will come," Larry said, adding that he tries to keep any outside negativity about Anna Nicole away from Dannielynn.

"That's the thing, there's so many bad things that people say and rarely do you hear the good things she did for charities and different people," he explained. "Those are the stories I like to tell, you know? Not the ones you see in the checkout stand."

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