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8 Health Benefits of Good S3x Every Couple Must Know

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Much has been said about the downsides of s3x and so little about the benefits. As much as s3x can bring STDs and other ills; it can also provide several benefits that are great for your health.

Many however see s3x as only a means of pleasure and childbirth. It is therefore worth knowing some of the health benefits of s3x.

Immune Boosting

Eating well, getting enough sleep, and getting vaccinated are all important in boosting your immune system. Add regular s3x to these and you have a great immune system that defends your body against infective organisms. This is because research has shown that those that are s3xually active had a higher blood level of certain antibodies than those that were not so active s3xually and these antibodies help you fend off infections.

Bladder control for women

About 30% of women will have urinary incontinence at one time or the other in their lives. This is when a person passes urine without intending to. Studies have shown that women who had s3x regularly were less likely to develop urinary incontinence as it helps strengthen their pelvic muscles which is important for bladder control.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

People who had more s3x have been found to have a lower blood pressure compared to others, ensuring that they stay healthy. One study found that those who regularly had s3x had a lower systolic (the numerator in your B.P measurement) compared to those who did not.

S3x is good exercise

It’s been found that on the average, you burn about five calories per minute while having s3x. This can be a good source of exercise for those that hardly have time to exercise. The benefits of exercise are quite numerous and s3x delivers some of those benefits.

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Reduces Risk for Heart Attack

Men who had s3x regularly were found to have a 50% lesser risk of developing a heart attack. This is not only because it raises your heart rate which is great; it also keeps your s3x hormone, oestrogen and testosterone, in balance which are important hormones and their balance can help avoid conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

Better Sleep

You may have noticed that you sleep better after s3x. This is because the hormone Prolactin is usually released after an orgasm. This hormone helps with relaxation and the feeling of sleepiness.

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Reduces Stress

The arousal associated with s3x is great in easing stress. This is because your brain releases some chemicals that help in exciting your entire body. S3x can also help stimulate happiness and boosts self-esteem.

Reduces Pain

S3x can help reduce the feeling of pain. S3x helps release a hormone that usually raises your pain threshold. S3xual stimulation can combat chronic pain such as the pain associated with arthritis.

Remember that it should be between you and your spouse only.

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