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Tips To Making Your Mobile Data Subscription Last Longer

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In this post I’ll be showing you how to make your data subscription last longer We all dread getting that notification from our ISP or telco that our data subscription is about to finish and it can be annoying and really disappointing.

Although, I’m pretty sure we can always blame our ISP’s for coming up with different data zapping techniques, especially MTN and Airtel. Nevertheless here’s a way to keep your data from running out too quickly.

There are 2 ways to do this – Turn off background data or set a data limit within your social media apps.

How To Turn Off Background Data

Go to Settings > Network And Internet > Data Usage >Mobile Data Usage then click on the apps that are using too much data then turn it off

Setting Data Limit On Apps

1.Turn off Facebook Video Auto-play:
Go to your Facebook option icon (the three horizontal bars at the top right corner)
Click on App Settings (Under help & settings)
Click on AutoPlay
Select Never autoplay Videos.
In addition, you can activate the “Data Saver” option
Navigate to the option icon
Then go to settings & Privacy
Select Data Saver,
Toggle the data saver on.

2. WhatsApp – Deactivate Media Auto Download :

Go to the “settings” section in your WhatsApp APP
Click on “Data and Storage Usage”
Select Media Auto Download option
Deselect all options under “When Using Mobile Data”
You can also enable low data usage for WhatsApp Calls

3. Instagram – Reduce Data Usage :

Open Instagram options
Go to Settings
Select Cellular Data Use
Then tick Use Less Data.

4. Twitter – Deactivate Auto Play:

Go to your Twitter Profile icon.
Click on Settings and Privacy
Select Data Usage
Set Video Autoplay to Never

5. Snapchat:

Go to Snapchat Settings
Click on “Manage” under “Additional Services”
Tick the “Travel Mode” box

6. YouTube – Limit mobile data usage:

Open the YouTube App
Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner
Select Settings
Click on General
Turn on “Limit Mobile Data Usage”

7. Playstore – Update Apps on Wi-fi Only:

Go to the Google Play store
Click on Menu & go to Settings
Click on Auto-update apps.
Select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”.
You also have the .option to choose “Do not auto-update apps

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