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The Results in INEC Server Shows That Buhari Lost 2019 Presidential Elections

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The Manual result that is being displayed is not statistically possible. For instance, the total accreditation for 2019 election is 29.3 million, this is not realistic.

In 2015, total accreditation was approximately 30 million and the number of people with PVCs were 56 million.

In 2019, total accreditation cannot be below 30 million because PVC holders had increased by over 16 million.

That is 8.31 million in the south and 8.2 million in the north.

Hence the server result which shows that total accreditation is 37.6 million is the real result because of the following reasons.

1. It's statistically realistic.
2. It shows a direct relationship btw increase in pvc collection and increase in voters accreditation and total vote cast.
3. The server result is immune to manipulation.
4. Lastly, the server result shows that nationwide turnout is 50.05% unlike the manual result which shows that nationwide turnout of voters is below 38%.

I hope I have been able to convince you that INEC has a server result and Atiku's lawyers know what they are doing.

Their petition is the best petition I have seen

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