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The Captivating Story of Isokene, The Ever Smiling Bride Pt 7

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After Isoken left my home, I was not the same again, heavy guilt poured on me, I sat down to evaluate my life and marriage, If my husband backslided and was no more as spiritual as he was, “Can I be like ISOKEN? Can I drop all my ministerial engagements and responsibilities to make sure he gets back on his feet….

Isoken was treating her husband like a lost child whose mother was willing to do anything for in order to have him back. She was playing the fool, I was not sure I could do that even though I was a marriage Counsellor. Just as I was ruminating over all these, my husband walked in and I ran towards him in guilt like a prodigal wife.

“ Honey, Welcome….” I took his bag from him, an action I had done in a very long time , probably years back.

My husband was a good man who never stressed me, he didn’t mind cooking for himself when I am far away on “ministerial Journey” …At that point I knew I had not been fair to him…

After he settled down on the bed as he kept looking at me strangely suspecting something was up with me…

“ Betty, What’s wrong? , What about the children? Are they fine? “ He asked looking very disturbed. Due to my busy schedule, We had agreed to have the girls in the boarding school.

“ They are fine , I just need to ask you some questions”

Surprisingly my husband moved away from me and placed his hand on his head like someone who had been caught doing something… I wasn’t sure why but I asked my question that was born out of guilt…

“ Henry, I want you to be honest, have I been a good wife to you, I hope I have not made anything more important than you, I hope you are not hurting?”

I did not know what came over me as I kept blabbing, my husband was giving me a look I wasn’t comfortable with, he moved farther away from me…

“ Who told you?” He asked

“ Nobody, I just figured out I had been too involved with my life matters and I was not fulfilling my wifely duties”

“ Kemi told you, I knew she was going to…Betty, I am sorry, I let this happen. I didn’t want to disturb you or be an opposition to What God was doing with you. Honestly we just started as casual friends, but since she is a widow, She started misinterpreting my compassion towards her, and one thing led to another…. Betty, I don’t know how I fell in love with her, but the Truth is I love you more than I love her…, I knew kemi was going to tell you after she saw Margaret and I at the hospital ….”

“ Margaret! Who was Margaret .. No one close to us bore that name!” I thought very quickly

It looked like my life was crumbling…I was saying one thing and My husband Henry was saying another thing confessing about a woman I didn’t even know existed….I almost passed out, but I needed to be sure I was hearing him correctly….

“ So what are you really saying?” I asked

“ I don’t want a divorce, I still love you, but I don’t know how it happened, I feel something for her also and we have gone too far for me to hurt her…” he said on his knees

“Could someone wake up from this terrible nightmare, If I was hearing my husband cor…

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