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Airtel NG Has Now Announced It's New Downloading Bundle

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Airtel Binge Plan . It offers subscribers a whopping 2GB for just N500 . The plan is added to the initial downloading bundle of 1GB for N350.

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The plan is fair for downloading, even though its not really much, but at least its still okay for quick use.

Advantages of Airtel Binge Data Plan
* Fast for downloading as it is otherwise known as the "download plan".
* Affordable for purchase
* Instant use purposes.
* Speed and data quality.

How to Activate Airtel Binge
* Simply Dial *141#
* Choose option 3 And select any from the Binge plans available.

You can also use this direct code
*141*504# to activate 2GB for N500.
Ensure you have up to 500 worth of airtime before you activate.

Note: The validity period is the same as the 1GB of N350, this new 2GB for N500 is also valid for just 24hrs.

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