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Interestingly Shameful of Buhari, Mahmood Yakubu and His INEC

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Almost two weeks after the declaration of the  presidential and National Assembly elections results in Abuja and at the senatorial and federal constituencies in the states respectively, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is yet to provide details of the outcome of the polls either on its website or at its state offices.

However, till date the details of the results from wards, local governments, federal constituencies, senatorial districts and states are yet to be published either at the state or national headquarters of INEC.

As the outcome of the election became controversial, particularly with Atiku and the PDP threatening legal challenge to it, many had hoped that the publication of the details of the results would enable discerning members of the public to come to more dispassionate conclusions on the results filed by INEC.

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THISDAY correspondents’ enquiries at the commission’s state offices throughout the federation and Abuja met a brick wall with officials saying the results were still being authenticated even when returns had been made and winners declared.

“What is happening is quite unbelievable. How could INEC not give details of results it declared days ago? Where are the results?,” a curious analyst, who craved anonymity, asked THISDAY last night.

Another observer, who also did not want to be mentioned, said he was surprised that given the enthusiasm with which the commission released the certificate of return to the president, it would have been much more forthcoming with details of the results, particularly as many people are skeptical about some of the figures declared.

“I think something is fishy. Look at the massive figures that came out of the North-west and North-east. Should they not give us the details of where those votes came from?” he asked.

But INEC’s Director of Voter Education and Publicity, Mr. Oluwole Osaze-Uzi, told THISDAY last night that the commission was still authenticating the results from the states, explaining that until that process is concluded they could not be uploaded on the electoral body’s website.

So INEC declared Buhari president but NOT sure of the Result. Can you imagine, still authenticating the Result!!!!!.

No wonder pressure is mounting on ATIKU not to go to court.

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  1. So INEC announced the results of an election they have not even finished collating, or what am i hearing or reading. Thunder wey go fire all of una go faill break. Can you imagine.


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