Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My Boyfriend Always Ride Me Like A Tiger During Love Making That I Cannot Walk Upright– Lady Cries Out

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Kenyan woman cried out to her friends concerning the way her boyfriend who plays for a top Premier League club in the country cex her like a beast to the extent she would not be able to walk home uprightly.

The woman who has been in a cex relationship with the player cried out to her close friends about the bedroom ordeal which always leave her half-paralyzed.

“She always comes to us for massage after every lungula with him,” her female friend told Offside.

The woman claims the player jumps on her like a tiger and will never stop even if her engine is burning. She claims performing ordinary house chores become a challenge after their cex. She has warned that if things don’t change, she will have no other way ‘butt’ to take a walk.

“It is only a mad woman who dates such a beast. It is not possible that every time you have cex, you cannot walk upright, that is not cex, but rap3,” said her friend.

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