Sunday, September 2, 2018

How I Spent 3 Months in Kirikiri Prison after Being Framed Up By SARS For Robbery Pt1

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An instrumentalist, Temitope Adeyemi, who was framed up by SARS operatives for robbery, spent three months in Kirikiri Medium Prison where he described as Hell.

Adeyemi who shared his experience with Gbenga Adeniji of The Punch explained that the Police refused to make a thorough investigation before taking him to court.

What job do you do?
I am an instrumentalist and an assistant Pastor in my church, I am from Osun State.

What happened the day you were arrested by the police?
On May 23, 2018, I attended a choir vigil at my church in the Ifako area of Lagos. After the vigil the next day, I decided to rest well and I left the church around 11am to my house in Amikanle, AIT area, Alagbado, Lagos. I took a tricycle.

As I alighted from the tricycle, I discovered that my phone battery was low. I decided to go to a friend’s shop close by to charge it before going home. He operates a gaming centre and I also used the opportunity to play with him.

After about an hour in the shop, two men and a woman came and asked me to come out that they wanted to see me. I initially didn’t answer them because I was busy.

I later noticed that the two men with the woman were a youth leader in the area and a man who collects money from commercial buses at the bus stop. But I don’t know the woman. They left and returned about 15 minutes later. I left the shop and went to meet them to know why they wanted to see me.

What did they tell you they wanted to see you for?

The men said the woman told them that some people came to rob in their house on the Monday of that week and that she recognised me as one of the robbers. I was dumbfounded and couldn’t instantly comprehend the allegation.

She said the person wore a green T-shirt. When I composed myself after the initial shock, I told her that I could not do such a thing and that I was even at home throughout with my mother on the Monday she mentioned. I also said I don’t have a green T-shirt. It was like a dream to me. She also said her husband was not at home the day of the incident.

As she was talking, a man appeared from nowhere and he started shouting, “That is him. That is the guy.” I later learnt that he was the husband of my accuser.

I was speechless as he spoke. I couldn’t understand how the husband, whom the wife just said was not at home when a phantom robbery happened, could say I was a thief that came to their house. I was prepared to follow them anywhere especially as I was the only one defending myself in their midst.

I left my bag containing about N2,000, a toothbrush, bathing soap and some clothes which I took to church. I followed them to Amikanle police post and when we got there, the officers there directed us to the police station along the AIT road.

When we got there, the DPO didn’t hear from me. He kept saying that I should speak the truth and return two phones and a laptop which the woman said I stole. He stated that I would soon confess if I was well handled. I insisted that I was innocent and that I wasn’t a robber. I told him that I was an instrumentalist and didn’t even know the woman or where she lives.

I expected the police officer to hear me out and carry out an investigation. As the DPO spoke, the woman’s husband said that he should not worry that he had called SARS officers to come and take me away. I didn’t know what to do at that point as I was in tears.

Part two of this story is HERE

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