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Zimbabwe’s New President Warns Looters To Return All The Money Or Go To Jail

- President Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued ultimatum to all individuals who looted public coffers to return the money they stashed abroad

- In a bold statement, Mnangagwa directed that anyone who stole from the taxpayer will be sent to jail if they fail to return the loot

- The tough-talking Mnangagwa came to power on Friday, November 24 , following a bloodless military coup that deposed Robert Mugabe.

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Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa has directed that individuals who looted public coffers and stashed the money abroad to return all the cash they stole from the taxpayer.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, November 29, the tough-talking President Mnangagwa warned that failure to return stolen public money and assets within three months will lead to dire consequences to those who were involved in the heists.

"Such malpractices are tantamount to very serious economic crimes against the people of Zimbabwe and those involved will not be prosecuted," President Mnangagwa's statement reads in part.

The three-month ultimatum will run from December to February 2018, after which President Mnangagwa has vowed to commence arrests and prosecution of the culprits.

"Huge sums of money and public assets have been illegally externalized by certain individuals and corporates. Those culpable are advised to take advantage of the three-month moratorium to return the funds and assets or face the long arm of the law," the president's statement reads.

Mnangagwa, also known as "The Crocodile"in Zimbabwe -- because of his ruthlessness, officially took over from Robert Mugabe as the president of Zimbabwe on Friday, November 24.

The Crocodile transcended to power following a military coup that led to the fall of Mugabe, who had been in power for 37 years since the country attained its independence from Britain in 1980.

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