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Your Girl Likes S*X Biko Acquire More Skills – Chioma Ifekpe

I won't form good gal if u don't do ur work perfectly!!!

Things are happening and we shouldn't pretend they are not happening. What needs to be taken seriously must be taken seriously. When a woman complains that she is not getting enough sex from her husband, some people will say 'is it food?' If you don't know, it is food. Sex is food. It is essential. It is vital.

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Many marriages have dissolved because of these things that we see as inconsequential. Our systems are not wired the same way. What you can bear, others may not bear it. If sex is not food, relationships won't be breaking up because of lack of it.

We need to stop deceiving ourselves and come out clean. We need to embrace our humanity and quit acting like angels. We can never be angels, no matter how hard we try. We are humans. I don't know whether angels fuck or not. But I know that sex was created for humans.

Today, a 32-year-old woman, Kate Ude, has prayed an FCT High Court, Jabi, to dissolve her four years marriage to Michael, over malfunctioning of his manhood. There are women who like sex. There are men who like sex too.

When they don't get enough of it, there will be problem. They may go out and look for satisfaction somewhere else. This is why I tell people to communicate with their partners. If you like sex, tell your partner. Tell your partner how you want him or her to do you.

Most of us run into problems because we like to pretend. Sex is for humans. Don't pretend about it. Tell your partner how you want to be fucked. I'm talking to matured people only, not children.

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