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Find Out why Ghanaian-Nigerian actress Christabel Ekeh Arrested and May be Imprisoned

According to a Ghanaian website,, Ghanaian-Nigerian actress Christabel Ekeh is presently in Police custody over the nude photos of herself she released on social media.

According to the platform, the actress is being interrogated by the Ghana Police in a bid to tighten up indecent exposure laws in the country.

Recall that earlier this month, the actress sent the internet into a frenzy when she released her Unclad pictures on her Instagram page which later was blocked.

Although many thought her account was hacked, however, the actress in an interview said she released the photos herself in order to welcome everybody to the new 'Christabel'.

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Many Nigerians are wondering Miss Christabel Ekeh, the Nigerian-Ghanian actress that posted nude on Instagram was arrested by the Ghanaian police.

Well, I did a little bit of research to check if really she violated laws of the West African country only to realize that the lady (by her act) may have violated Section 278 of Ghana’s Criminal Offences Act.

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The Act state that; “[w]hoever publicly and willfully commits any grossly indecent act is guilty of a misdemeanor.” And by misdemeanor, this is a non-serious crime (light crime) punishable by a shorter prison sentence or fine.

Sorry Christabel, it appears you broke the law.

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